Put the World’s Largest
Business Credit
Database to Work for
Your Company

With Dun & Bradstreet’s risk management tools, you can quickly and easily access the world’s largest business credit database right from your desktop through a simple and intuitive interface. Evaluate new business credit applicants and easily monitor and manage a portfolio of your business partners and vendors — giving you the information and time you need to help drive growth and build valuable
business relationships.

Search. Find. Access.

Quickly Access a Company's D&B® Business Credit Scores and Ratings

  • Access the business credit profiles of over 240 million companies worldwide to help you identify new growth opportunities
  • See a company's Slow Payment Risk Rating, Delinquency Risk Rating, plus its overall financial viability
  • Get an in-depth overview of a company, its most recent news articles, financials (if available), social information, and more

Monitor. Track. Take Action.

Create and Manage a Portfolio of Your Partners' and Vendors' Business Credit Profiles

  • Easily add a new business partner's profile to your portfolio with just a click
  • Take action on high-risk accounts by searching and sorting your portfolio based on companies’ risk levels
  • Segment and organize your portfolio by the characteristics that are
    important to you
  • Track changes and identify trends over the last 12 months

Stay Informed.

Get alerts and notifications about changes to the business credit scores and ratings of the businesses you monitor

  • Create custom alerts to easily monitor the financial health of the companies in your portfolio, so you can make timely and more informed business credit decisions
  • Customize the types and frequency of the alerts you receive on each
    company you monitor
  • Receive alerts via email and directly in your D&B Credit dashboard

Grow with Confidence.

Easily Manage Your Company’s Risk Exposure Right from Your D&B Credit Dashboard

  • Access a real-time snapshot of your company’s risk exposure based on the D&B scores and ratings of the companies you monitor
  • Risk exposure is organized in easy-to-understand charts and graphs so you can quickly assess whether it aligns with your business goals
  • Plus, each chart and graph is clickable, so you can dig deeper for additional information

Your Risk Rules, Our Data

Dun & Bradstreet combines your credit policies and risk rules with Dun & Bradstreet’s data — the world’s largest business credit database — to deliver near instant credit decision recommendations based on your specifications.

Let Dun & Bradstreet help streamline your business credit approval and management processes while helping protect your business from unnecessary risk.

Let Dun & Bradstreet help you effectively manage your business credit and risk decisions, enabling you to close sales faster.